Silicone Dog Paw Cleaning Cup

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Silicone Material:high-quality silicone material,soft, comfortable and does not damage the dog's skin Clever Design:Unique jar cup shape,this dog paw cleaner cup can be detachable. easy to use, more efficient cleaning. Easy Cleaning:After use, just rinse with water,and reusable. Positive Effect:Thoroughly removes all dirt, mud, and sand in between the claws. Widly Use:Suitable for small or large dog.don't worry about the dog soiling the floor anymore. How To Use: STEP 1: Add some water to pet foot washer; STEP 2: Guide your dog's paws into the soft gentle silicone bristles; STEP 3: Twist back and forth so that the silicone bristles can thoroughly clean the paw; STEP 4: Remove and discover a much cleaner paw, dab the paw dry with a towel; STEP 5: Discard water and rinse clean. Type:Pet Cleaning Brush Cup; Target:Dog/Cat; Material: Silicone; Color: as the picture show; S: 5.5x7.2x9.3cm; M:6.3x8.2x11.2cm; L:7.3x9.2x15.2cm.