One-Push Silicone Cooking Oil Brush

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ONE-HAND OPERATION: Just with a simple squeeze you could easily control the oil amount. Perfect for BBQ and baking! On squeezing the handle a small quantity is released on to the desired surface, which then can be spread evenly on the warm surface.  HEAT RESISTANT: The rubber bristle can bear high cooking temperatures up to 250℃. EASY FILL IN: Simply fill oil in the brush-handle-shaped bottle and screw it tight. NON-TOXIC AND FOOD GRADE. NO WORRIES ABOUT SPILLS: Tight buckle to ensure a tight seal. MATERIAL: The body is made of ABS and the brush food-grade silicone. CAPACITY: 60ml. Cooking could be much easier with this One-Push Silicone Oil Brush! Control the amount of oil or sauce and it is also super easy to clean!